Home Exterior Design Ideas to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Property

Individuals purchase a home to provide shelter for their family. However, they also want this residence to serve as a haven from the everyday world. They desire a place that stands out while still blending in with its surroundings. Exterior home design remains a challenge for many, as they must select colors that highlight the beauty of the structure, choose materials that help achieve this goal, and balance lines and shape. Accomplishing this isn’t as difficult as many people imagine when they use the following tips.

Exterior Elements

Homeowners must find the right balance and symmetry for the property. They might accomplish this by centering the door in the front or spacing windows equally on each side of the home. However, they must ensure the design revolves around a focal point, and the interior of the residence needs consideration at this time. For instance, an artist needs ample natural light and may choose oversized windows to ensure they receive the amount they need.

Materials used in the exterior design should reflect the personality of the homeowner. A design specialist becomes of great help when the time comes to select these materials. They likewise work with the homeowner to choose colors for the structure, roofing materials, a garage door, windows, and more.


Gardens serve as one of the easiest ways to add curb appeal to a property. Fresh flowers and greenery add color to a plain landscape, and the homeowner can add this color with the help of small planters. There’s no need to spend a fortune to boost the appeal of the property. In fact, homeowners find many planters leave the property looking messy rather than attractive.

Don’t neglect the lawn either. Remove weeds promptly and keep the grass neatly trimmed. Keep the lawn watered to prevent brown spots and keep the property looking its best.

The Entryway

Consider painting the front door to spruce up the residence. Bold colors make a statement, or a homeowner might choose to replace the existing door if their budget allows for an upgrade. Add decorative touches around the door to welcome family and friends into the residence. Furthermore, be sure to remove any cobwebs, as nobody wants to encounter a spider or get wrapped up in a web when visiting a home.

Exterior Lighting

Men and women find a dark residence to be uninviting. Adding additional illumination encourages people to stop and visit. Light fixtures come in a range of styles, making it easy for every homeowner to find lights that add to the curb appeal of the property. Solar-powered lanterns serve as the perfect addition to many homes, but they are only one of countless options to be considered when making upgrades in this area.

Outdoor Fixtures

Look at the mailbox, house numbers, and other metal hardware around the property. Although these elements may play a small role in the overall landscape, details matter. Replace any old and rusty hardware with colorful and stylish pieces. Make certain they blend with the architecture of the home so they don’t detract from the property’s overall appearance.

Outdoor Furniture

Dress up the exterior of the home with the help of outdoor furniture. Outdoor benches provide a place for people to rest and relax, while ceramic stools add charm to the landscape. Don’t go overboard with the furniture, however, as you want to find the right balance. Start with one or two pieces and add more as needed. Furthermore, keep the furniture in great shape so it doesn’t detract from the property.


Never overlook the gutters when assessing the curb appeal of the property. Clean the exterior of the gutters when removing any debris from the interior. Elbow grease provides them with a polished look, so consider taking this step as well. If the gutters are old and in disrepair, consider upgrading to new seamless gutters or add leaf guards. This ensures debris doesn’t build up in the gutters and lead to problems. Functioning gutters also protect the landscape and foundation of the home.

Improving the curb appeal of a property doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Come up with creative ways to provide the residence with a new look, as time and hard work go a long way to achieving this goal. These basic home exterior design ideas are only a starting point. Homeowners who pay attention to the home exterior have a residence that is beautiful and inviting. Furthermore, curb appeal plays a role in the selling value of the residence. Keep this in mind and invest the time and money to make the exterior of your home look better. These efforts pay off in the long run.