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Home garden design

Home garden designDear visitor, thank you for visiting my website HomeGardenDesign.info
As I always say, "everybody has the right of owning a beautiful rich garden, small or big. It's a baken of rest and our link to nature in our busy, digital world we live in today."

On this site you will find information on garden design ideas, gardening tips and "how to" stories on building your own garden, for example on Rose garden design, building a Rock garden or a Bird garden with bird house. But also some thoughts on Garden Gates and Fences, Garden Paths and their border planting, building your own Garden Pool or Pond and of course tips on Lawn care.

This garden that we are about to consider is not the larger dream, nor does it deal with the vegetable or fruit garden, but mostly with flowers, shrubs, and trees, which the smaller space will accommodate.

So many of us cannot support the long, leaf-shaded walks fringed with great masses of shrubs or flowers, or lofty walls, or even an outlook or a vista that inspires. All of these factors and more are important to the large garden, but our little garden must have a touch of seclusion a spirit of rest, shadowy nooks and crannies interwoven with thought in the arrangement of the plants to lure and lend enchantment, thus fulfilling its mission, not for carefree but for careful inspiration.

Our own little garden may lack the hazy vapour of the great valleys, but it should have a canopy here and there of vine, shrub, or tree where shadow and light may filter through the leaves. Here, in well-protected nooks, little mothers may care for their nestlings and the singer may mix his song with the fragrance of chosen flowers. The soil, the basis of a successful garden, should first receive your thought. Even more than receiving your thought, it should receive your respect, and then you must learn to know it.

You should select varieties that please and that will do their best in your soil and location. This enchanted patch of soil will take years to bring to perfection. It can never be done in one year; it will be changed and the flowers rearranged before it is complete. In fact, I have never seen a perfect or completed garden. This is, after all, one of the glories of gardening, there is always something to be done.

You are fortunate if you have a rough spot with patches of rich brown earth between great stones. It may be unsightly because no one has planted his heart in this neglected spot, but remember it is unhampered by former attempts, and you may make your dream come true. This wee garden is, of course, to have flowers and shrubs that bloom at all seasons, not many of them if the garden is small, but a well-selected group.

It may be that you can have only a few modest Roses, a few rock plants or fair lady Lilies, but always a bit of green. It may be that in your garden you can find a place for a fruit tree or two, since some of our fruit trees, especially the Apple, are singularly beautiful if fitted easily into the little landscape. It is wise not to try to duplicate a large landscape on a small scale, but rather to take a part of it and make it your own.

By all means add a bit of greensward, for without it a garden is hardly a garden. When planting in a limited area, keep in mind an open space to the sky, no matter how small, so that one may now and then see a drifting cloud.

If your bonnie wee garden has a clear, glad little stream running through it, you are greatly blessed not only for the restful music which it gives, but because it dances from shadow to shadow, catching and flaking the colour of the delicate flags and grasses as they hang over its banks. Here and there one may build an unexpected nook which, on being found, awakens a new sense that impels the passer-by to forget about time or hurry and just rest and dream.

If you are to build your garden for the first time you should think your plan out, that your design may be well proportioned, keeping in mind both comfort and convenience.

At twilight, the garden will welcome you as you approach its gate before you reach the welcome at the cottage, and in the morning the strong trees, healthy shrubs, and flowers will give you courage to face the task of the day.

Above all, this should be your very own garden, planted with trees, shrubs, and flowers of your own selection, and fitted into a little frame of greensward on which the tired feet of age may find delicious rest, and where the dancing feet of the children may learn to feel the touch of the green, velvet grass.

I would like to end with this beautiful poem written by Kipling:

God gave all men all earth to love,
But since our hearts are small,
Ordained for each one spot should prove
Beloved over all.

May this beautiful poem and this website inspire you in building your own green, tranquil pardise!