Home Garden Design

Home or Garden? What are we about?

We are a few contractors from the building and landscaping industries who decided to get together and share our knowledge regarding home and garden construction. We have a total of zero technical knowledge but all have kids who set this up and pointed us in the right direction, so here we are. We will introduce ourselves so you will have some idea of our backgrounds.

We are all friends who have extensive backgrounds in house building and landscaping. There were times when we worked together, and through the decades we learned a tremendous amount of tricks and techniques that might be helpful to others in the future. As we discussed all this stuff over the years, and at the behest of some of our kids, a couple of us started making notes of some of these things and kept them in a binder. The notes were not just standard things but the unusual things we would encounter from time to time.

Our site will delve into several aspects of home construction and landscaping design techniques. We will do our best to share lots of tips and ideas that will hopefully help homeowners to wind up with a product they will enjoy even more and that will be more attractive.

The most satisfying aspect of home construction was when the homeowner took into account how the landscaping would play into the flow, design, and color of the house. I have been in awe at the end of a few of my projects, and learned a lot of lessons that I carried to future customers, when I saw the finished product that was often not completely finished until long after I was gone. But it was easy to see when a customer took this seriously and I always revisited the customer once it was all done to enjoy and take a few pictures.

So anyway we hope you get a lot out of our site.

I would like to start by giving a couple shouts out.

First, a tiny bit of recognition to a very good friend (and less importantly my brother-in-law), Daniel, who does siding in Richmond Va. He also gave a lot of inspiration for this undertaking. We will get him to write a guest article about siding at some point.

The second is to my good friend and neighbor Britt who owns and manages the best brunch spot in Richmond. Britt has a good eye for landscape design and he and I have spent many hours agonizing over shrub placement, grass types, and flower colors. Britt is quite the technical guy as well and also provided a lot of incentive (and some know-how) to getting this project rolling.

Also another friend who has taught me invaluable lessons when it comes to home efficiency is my friend Chris, who owns an electrical contracting company serving Washington and Baltimore. He also does energy audits for homes and businesses.