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Types of grapes

Moore's Early - The earliest good black grape. Good for home use and nearby market. Skin is tender and cracks badly when over-ripe, rendering it unfit for distant shipment.

Green Mountain - One of the best early white grapes for home use, because of its excellent quality. Vigorous in growth, fairly prolific and comparatively free from disease.

Delaware - Esteemed for table use because of good quality, also valuable for market. Rather weak in growth and subject to rot.
Brighton - A choice red sort for home use.

Worden ­ Earlier than the Concord, otherwise much the same.

Diamond ­ A medium early white grape of excellent quality.

Gaertner ­ Lax er and lighter red in color than Brighton. Vigorous, prolific, good in quality.

Concord - The best general purpose grape known.

Niagara - A vigorous and prolific grape variety; somewhat subject to rot, but valuable for both home use and market.

Agawam - An excellent red variety.