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Type of Evergreens

Type of EvergreensBroad-leaved Evergreens suitable to the Rock Garden:

Abelia chinensis (rupestris); white flowers, tinted with pink, blooms all summer.

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi; small white flowers tinted with red; followed by red berry.

Azalea amoena; rosy purple flowers; blooms in May.

Azalea bengiri; flowers red.

Azalea hinodegiri; flowers scarlet.

Azalea indica alba; flowers white.

Azalea indica rosea; flowers rose.

Azalea yodogawa; flowers rosy-lilac.

Calluna vulgaris (Scotch Heather).

Cotoneaster horizontalis; red berries.

Daphne cneorum; flowers pink.

Erica carnea (herbacea); bell-shaped flowers.

Erica vagans alba; flowers white. Euonymus obovata variegata.

Euonymus radicans; flowers greenish white. Euonymus radicans acutus.

Euonymus radicans minimus (kewensis).

Ilex crenata (Japanese Holly).

Kalmia latifolia (Calico Bush).

Leucothoe catesbaei; flowers white.