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Strawberry plants

Strawberry plantsFairfield (Perfect) - Medium size, dark red in color, excellent in quality. One of the best first early sorts,

warfield (Imperfect) - Well known. Dark red in color, firm, high quality. Fine for culinary use and canning.

Haverland (Imperfect) - An old favorite that holds its own in prolificacy beside all new-comers.

Senator Dunlap (Perfect) - Rich in color, firm, high in quality. Plant vigorous, healthy and prolific. Blossoms sometimes fail to set fruit.

Bubach (Imperfect) - An old favorite for nearby market. Lacks the essentials of richness and firmness necessary in a berry for home use and distant market. Sample-A reliable second early market variety.

Parson's Beauty (Perfect) - A healthy, prolific, profitable variety for nearly all sections of Ohio.

Latest (Imperfect) - A beautiful late berry that is fully as good as it looks. Rich, ark red in color, glossy and attractive. Flavor mild, sweet and delicious. The best of all late berries so far fruited at the Station.