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Raspberries variety

Raspberries varietyBlack-cap raspberries

Cumberland - The one of the largest of all varieties so far tested. Jet black in color, quality good. Does equally as well at home of the writer.

Conrath - One of the largest and finest of the first early varieties.

Munger - An improved Gregg. Large, late, handsome. Canes hardier than those of Gregg.

Purple-cap raspberries
Columbian - Berries very large, dull purple in color, but excellent in quality, both for dessert use and culinary purposes. Canes vigorous, hardy and prolific. Haymaker Similar to Columbian.

Red raspberries
King - Early, bright red, moacra.tely prolific, hardy.

Cuthbert - Well known. One of the best. Loudon-Large, dark red, handsome, prolific. Canes are quite subject to root or crown gall. One of the best where not affected by this disease.