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Japanese Rock Garden

Japanese Rock GardenFern rock gardens may be built by first constructing a good foundation of leaf mould, soil from the woodland, mixed with decayed sod chopped fine, and garden loam. The rocks should be fitted unevenly and at varied intervals into the earth. The fern rhizomes may be planted late in the fall or very early in the spring. Ferns growing between the rocks will soon break up any sign of artificial planting.

The following list of Ferns is suited for moist shady places but must have a deep, moisture-holding soil which is mostly woods earth: Adiantum pedatum, 1 foot; Aspidium cristatum, 1 foot; Aspidium acrostichoides, 1 foot; Aspidium spinulosum, 1.5 feet; Aspidium marginale, 1.5 feet; Asplenium thelypteroides, 2 feet; Asplenium felix­foemina, 2 feet; Phegopteris hexagonoptera, 8 inches; Woodwardia virginica, 2 feet.