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Growing peach trees

Growing peach treesGreensboro - The first reliable variety to ripen. White flesh, freestone.

Mountain Rose - A reliable second early variety; suit­able for home use or market; comparatively hardy; inclined to overbear.

Carman - Large, white with blush. Vigorous grower; com­paratively hardy in tree and buds.

Belle of Georgia - Large, white, red cheek; flesh white, juicy, excelent; pit free.

Champion ­- Flesh white, quality excellent, hardy in bud. One of the best for home use.

Old Mixon Free - Recognized as a standard variety in all parts of the state. Flesh white and of good quality.

Crosby - A reliable variety for home use, but too small for market, unless severely thinned. Yellow and of good quality.

Fitzgerald - Is a fine, hardy, yellow variety.

Elberta - Comparatively new, but quite generally found to be reliable, wherever tested; one of the best for shipping. Probably the most popular peach in all sections, at the present time.

Smock - A very popular variety in all parts of the state.

Salway - A profitable late sort along the lake, and in southern Ohio, but does not always ripen in other parts of the state.