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Evergreens Planting

The planting of evergreens must be done judiciously, for, although they are quite necessary in gardens, they are often overdone, especially in the neighbourhood of large towns. For town work deciduous plants have an advantage over evergreens, for, as the leaves are only carried for six or seven months, they do not get choked up with dirt in the same way that evergreens do, and they are leafless during the dirtiest part of the year.

It is futile to plant choice Conifers in town gardens, as they are very impatient of an impure atmosphere, and the same may be said of delicate, flowering evergreens.

In all gardens the selection of evergreens should be done: with care, for there is a large number to select from, and there is no reason for a garden to be filled with two or three things, whether they are suitable or not, to the exclusion of others.

The common Laurel, for instance, has been planted here, there, and everywhere, and is often an eyesore through the way in which it has been hacked about to make it fit a certain place when some other smaller growing evergreen, grown naturally, would have been suitable.

When properly grown, the common Laurel makes a magnificent bush, with a free, robust habit, 15 to 20 feet high, and 40 to 50 feet through. It is, however, rarely seen grown thus.

The Best Evergreens:

Andromeda polifolia.

Arbutus Andrachne.
A. hybrida.
A. Metiziesii.
A. Unedo and varieties.
Arctostaphylos Uva-ursi.
Arundinaria, all species.
Aucuba, Japonica andvarieties.
Bambusa, all species.
Berberis Aquifolium.
B. buxifolia.
B. Darwinii.
B. Japonica.
B. Nepalensis.
B. repeus.
B. stenophylla.
B. Wallichialia.
Buxus Balearica.
Buxus sempervirens and varieties.
B. Japonica.
Calluna vulgaris and varieties.
Cassinia fulvida.
Castauopsis chrysophylla.
Cistus laurifolius.
Conifers in variety.
c. microphylla.
C. rotumlifolia, sub-evergreen.
C. thyniifolia.
Crataegus Pyracautha.
Daphne Cmeorurn.
D. Laureola.
D. Pontica.
Daphniphyllum macrupodum.
Elaeagnus macrophylla.
E. pungens.
Empetrum nigrutn.
Ercilla volubilis.
Erica, all species.
Escallonia Exoniensis.
E. macrantha.
E. rubra.
Eucryphia pitmatifolia.
Euonymus Japonicus and varieties.
E. radicaus and varieties.
Gaultheria Shallon.
Hedera (Ivy); all forms, climbitig and tree.
Helianthemum, all varieties.
Hypericum calycinum.
Ilex Aquifolium (Holly), all varieties.
Ilex coruuta.
I. crenata.
I. dipyrena.
Kalmia latifolia.
Laurus nobilis.
Ledum, all species.
Ligustrum Japonicum coriaceum.
Magnolia grandiflora.
Smilax Bona-nox.
L. lucidum.
P. Lusitanica and varieties.
S. rotundifolia.
S. tammoides.
Pieris floribuuda.
Phyllostachys, all species.
Philyraea angustifolia.
P. media.
P. decora.
Pernettya mucronata.
P. latifolia.
Q. glauca.
Q. Ilex and varieties.
Q. phillyraeoides.
Q, Suber.
Ruscus Hypoglossum.
Rhododendron, many species and varieties.
Ruscus aculeatus.
Rhamnus Alaternus
Veronica Traversii
Yucca angustifolia.
Y. glauca.
Y. gloriosa.
Y. recurvifolia.