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Dry-Wall Garden Plants

Dry-Wall Garden PlantsList of plants for the Dry-Wall Gardens giving the height and season of bloom:

Aquilegia vulgaris nivea; 2-3 ft.; May-June. - Fine for planting near the base of wall.

Aquilegia vulgaris florepleno alba; 2-3 feet.; May-June. - Suggested for base of wall.

Arabis alpina (Rock Cress); 5-6 in.; April-May. Arenaria balearica; 3 in. - Not very hardy but beautiful.

Arenaria caespitosa; 1-3 in. (Moss-like.)

Cerastium tomentosum (Snow-in-Summer); 6 in.; May­June.

Dianthus deltoides alba; 8 in.; May-June. Gypsophila repens; 6 in.; June-July.

Iberis sempervirens (White Candytuft) ; 10 in.; April­May.

Papaver alpinum (Alpine Poppy); 2-4 in.; June-July.

Phlox subulata (Moss Pink) ; 3-6 in.; April-May.

Saxifraga pedemontana; 2-4. in.; July.

Saxifraga umbrosa; 1 ft.; June-July.

Silene maritima fl.-pl. (Catch-fly); 6 in.; May-Oct.

Silene alpestris (Catch-fly); 4 in.; July-Aug.

Violets (Native); 2-3 in.; May-June.

Alyssum saxatile compactum (Gold Dust); 1 ft.; April­May.

Aquilegia chrysantha (Golden-spurred Columbine) ; 2-3 ft.; May-June.

Cheiranthus alpinus (beautiful lemon yellow); 1 ft.; May­June.

Sedum sexangulare; 2-3 in.; summer.

Violets (Native); 3-4 in.; May.

Aster alpinus (Alpine Aster); 5-10 in.; May-June.

Daphne cneorum (Garland Flower); trailing prostrate branches; April-May.

Dianthus deltoides (Maiden Pink); 8 in.; May-June.

Dicentra eximia (Bleeding Heart); 1-2 ft.; May-June. Rose pink.

Dicentra formosa (Bleeding Heart); 1 ft.; May-Aug. (Shady place.)

Phlox subulata (Moss Pink); 3-6 in.; April-May.

Saponaria ocymoides; 6-9 in.; summer.

Saxifraga crassifolia; 1 ft.; April-May.

Statice caespitosa (Sea Pink); 6-12 in.; spring.

Tunica saxifraga; 6 in.; July-Sept.

Ajuga reptans; 6 in.; May-June.

Campanula fragilis; 4-6 in.; June-July. Purplish blue.

Campanula rotundifolia (Bluebells of Scotland) ; 1 ft.; June-August.

Gentiana acaulis; 18 in.; Aug.-Sept.

Iris cristata (Crested Iris); 4-8 in.; May.

Linum perenne (Blue Flax) ; 1 ft.; May-August.

Myosotis alpestris robusta grandiflora (Forget-me-not); 8 in.; spring and summer. - Moist shady place.

Phlox subulata (Moss Pink) ; 3-6 in.; April-May.

Primula marginata; 3-4. in.; May-June. - One of the most beautiful drooping plants.

Veronica repens (Creeping Veronica) ; 2-5 in.; May.

Violets (Native); 3-4 in.; May-June.

Various Colours
Acaena novae-zelandiae. - Prostrate plant giving a silky appearance. Bristles reddish purple.

Aquilegia canadensis (American Columbine); 2-3 ft.; May-June. - Fine for base of rocks.

Aquilegia, caerulea (Rocky Mountain Columbine) ; blue and white; 2-3 ft.; May-June.

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (Bearberry); white tinged with red. - Hardy trailing evergreen.

Aubrietia deltoidea (Purple False Rock Cress); purple; 2-12 in.; spring.

Aubrietia deltoidea graeca (False Wall Cress;) violet and purple; 6 in.; April-May.

Dianthus plumarius (Scotch Pink) ; rose to white and purple, 1 ft.; spring and early summer.

Dianthus sylvestris; red, 1 ft.; summer.

Erinus alpinus; purple; 2-3 in.; April-June.

Euonymus radicans; whitish flower, low trailing shrub, also climbing habit; June-July.

Gypsophila cerastioides; white or lilac veined with pink; 6 in.; June-August.

Heuchera sanguinea; crimson; 1,5 ft.; May-September.

Iris pumila; purple with dark shadings; 4-8 in.; summer.

Nepeta glechoma (Lavender Catnip) ; 5 in.; May-June.

Papaver nudicaule (Iceland Poppy); from white to yellow and orange-scarlet; 1 ft.; May-August.

Phlox subulata (Moss Pink) ; lavender and magenta; 3-6 in.; April-May.

Primula viscosa; violet to red-violet; 3-4. in.; May-June.

Saxifraga peltata; white to pink; 2 ft.; April-May.

Saponaria ocymoides (Rock Soapwort) ; crimson; 1 ft.; May-July.

Thymus montanus (Creeping Thyme) ; lilac to rose; dwarf; spring.

The following seed may be planted in the early spring after all danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed up:
Linaria alpina (Alpine Toadflax) ; blue with orange­coloured palate; 6 in.; July-August.

Tunica saxifraga; rosy white, lilac, or pale purple; 6-8 in.; summer.

Oenothera missouriensis (Evening Primrose); yellow, low­growing perennial; 6-12 in.; late spring and summer.