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Climbing and Trailing Shrubs

Shrubs with a climbing or trailing habit may be put to many uses in the garden, and by their aid unsightly objects can often be made pleasant to the eye. Ugly bare walls can in a short time be made attractive by the use of Ivy or Vines; the hard line of a fence can be readily broken up by a judicious use of climbers, while large tree stumps placed roots upwards are very picturesque when covered with Ivy or some other trailing plant.

For pergolas and arbours the value of climbers is again apparent, while for smothering up a rough old bush some strong growing Vine or Clematis makes an excellent subject. Very effective groups can be formed by making irregular clumps of rough Oak branches and planting climbers at the foot.

By allowing these to grow and the branches to intermingle very ornamental groups are formed. Among the more important climbers the following will be found a good selection:

Akebia lobaia.
A. quinata.
Aristolochia Sipho.
A. tomentosa.
Berberidopsis corallina, requires a wall.
Biguonia capreolata, warm wall.
Bruunichia cirrhosa.
Celastrus articulatus.
C. scandens.
Clematis apiifolia.
C. aromatica.
C. campaniflora.
C. Flammula,
C. Florida.
C, lanuginosa.
C. montana.
C. Orieutalis var. Tangutica.
C. patens.
C, Virgimiaua.
C. Vitalba.
Clematis Viticella.
Hedera Helix (Ivy).
Hydrangea petiolaris.
Jasmiiium nudiflorum.
J. officinale.
Louicera Caprifolium.
L. Etrusca superba.
L. Japonica.
L. Periclymenum.
L. sempervireus.
Menispermum Canadense.
M. Dauricum.
Fassiflora coerulea.
Periploca Graeca.
Roses in variety.
Smilax aspera.
S. Bona-nox.
S. China.
S. excelsa.
S. hispida.
Smilax rotundifolia.
Solanum Dulcamara.
S.D. variegata.
Tecoma grandiflora.
T. radicans.
Vitis aestivalis.
V. Amurensis.
V. cinerea.
V. Coignetiae.
V. cordifolia.
V. Eugelmannii.
V. flexuosa.
V. heterophylla.
V. inconstans (syn. Ampelopsis Veitchii).
V. Labrusca.
V. quinquefolia.
V. riparia.
V. Romaneti.
Wistaria Chinensis.
W. multijuga.