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Building a Rock garden

Building a Rock gardenStyle should be the first thing you have to think of when you start designing your new rock garden, as the overall appearance of your rock garden should complement the design and character of your home, the surroundings you live in and your even your own personality.

In a garden landscape, one can integrate many different objects and items, such as different plant varieties or rocks. You may be surprised how simple objects as rocks can make a huge impact in your garden. Rocks can give character and interest to your garden, here are some tips to get you started building a rock garden:
  1. Begin with a clean garden. This means: take off everything, including small plants, bushes and rocks and set them aside. Only leave the trees and big plants.
  2. Make a drawing of the yard and decide where you want to place what. Take pictures of your yard with your digital camera and put together a scene of the garden in its present form as well as your available resources. Make up your mind which should be kept and the areas to change.
  3. Locate any unsightly views (barns, garbage bins, nearby buildings, utility boxes, etc.) and try to create a rock landscape in these areas making sure you cover it with large rocks and boulders, bushes and large types of plants to conceal the ugly views a mutch as possible.
  4. Acquire garden and landscaping ideas from magazines or resources from the internet, use them as a reference and you will have an idea how your rock garden will look before you arrange the rocks.
  5. Consider getting rocks from your local area (maybe there already lying plenty around in your garden!) as these will look very natural and will blend with your local environment. Another big plus is that it's just very cost-effective landscaping, using rocks from your own garden.
  6. Don’t just place the rock on the ground. Set each rock into position by burying no more than half of it underground, this way your rock garden will look more natural.
  7. Group together 3 to 5 rocks of different sizes in one location; never separate each rock one by one.
  8. After you have positioned the rocks, move back and examine the view. Change any position that you do not find appealing, while you can, and just after that: add your plants.

Understand that every individual has varying ideas of determining what they want their garden to look. Even if not all that you see is something that you want to utilize and incorporate in your own rock garden, get whatever ideas from the garden that attract you and bring it into your garden, as you design and construct it.