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Apples suitable for fruit growing

Red Astrachan apples - A valuable early sort for home. use and market. Slow in coming into bearing.

Oldenburg apples (Duchess of Oldenburg) - A valuable summer variety suited to all sections. Beautifully striped, red over a greenish ye low ground. Quite acid; better for culinary use than for dessert. Useful as a filler.

Sweet Bough apples - The best early sweet apple for all sections.

Benoni apples - A late summer variety of excellent quality. A fine little dessert apple. Too small and too nearly sweet for a successful market and culinary variety.

Munson's Sweet apples - A choice autumn sweet sort and reliable bearer.

Maiden Blush apples - A valuable fall variety in all sections, for home use or the market. Is subject to the apple scab.

Wealthy apples - Bears young and abundantly. Good for culinary purposes. A fall variety in northern Ohio. Keeps well in cold storage.

Huntsman apples - Not so well known as it should be. Yellow with dull red blush. Rich, spicy and excellent in quality. Late fall and early winter.

Yellow Transparent apples - A Russian variety that has fufilledits early promise to supersede the Early Harvest. Very early, attractive in appearance, prolific, persistent in bearing annual crops. May be used as a filler.

Grimes' Golden apples - A valuable early winter variety for market or home use in all parts of the state, although it becomes a fall apple in the extreme southern portion. Its chief merit is high quality. Not subject to apple scab.

Delicious apples - Seems to be worthy of trial, both for home use and market.

R.I. Greening apples - Excellent for early winter use in Northern Ohio.

Jonathan apples - A choice winter variety for home use, also for market. Tree is a slender grower, but attains vigor with age, on good soil. An excellent and deservedly popular variety. Begins to bear at an early age.

Bailey's Sweet apples - A choice winter dessert variety. Sometimes affected by bitter rot in the central and southern parts of the state.

Northern Spy apples - A fall apple in most parts of the state, but in a few localities in Northern Ohio is a profitable winter variety. Very subject to apple scab and the apple worm. Highly colored and of good quality.

Baldwin apples - One of the best winter varieties for the northern part of the state, but is a fall apple in the southern counties. Very prolific; bears every other year; not seriously affected by apple scab.

York Imperial apples - A good market, winter variety for central and southern Ohio. An excellent keeper in ordinary cellar storage, but often seads badly in cold storage.

Rome Beauty apples - The best winter, market variety for southern Ohio, and does well in the central part of the state.

Gano apples - Much like Ben Davis quality, but more highly colored. Preferable to Ben Davis, where it is desired to use either. Begins to bear when very young.

White Pippin apples - A good keeper and excellent for culinary purposes. Slow to come into fruiting.

Stark apples - A little dull in color but one of our most dependable winter sorts. Good quality and keeps well in cellar or cold storage.

Stayman Winesap apples - Promises to be an excellent late keeping apple for central and southern Ohio. Good quality. Tree strong and vigorous in growth. It does not always color well in the northern part of the state.