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Annual Vines

Annual VinesA change of planting from year to year is often desired, and to satisfy this taste and yet make the arch over the gateway beautiful one may plant the annual vines listed below. In order to gain two to three weeks' growth, start the plants under glass in flowerpots, strawberry baskets, or squares of inverted sod.

These seedlings may be transplanted without disturbing the root system after the severe spring frosts have passed. It is frequently possible to combine annuals with hardy plants. For example, Cobaea scandens, one of the most attractive as well as rapidly growing vines, may be combined with the Rambler Roses. The summer as well as the autumn effect is usually very satisfactory.

Cobaea scandens (Cup-and-saucer Vine)
Ipomoea purpurea (Morning Glory)
Quamoclit pinnata (Cypress Vine)
.halicacabum (Balloon Vine)
Humulus luulus japonicus (japanese Hop.)
Tropaeolum canariense (Canarybird Vine)
Echinocystis lobata (Wild Cucumber Vine)

Sow seed edgewise in March or April. Growth 30--5o ft. Bell-shaped purple and white flowers. Seed sown in April. Growth 15-20 ft. Brilliant trumpet flowers. Fern-like foliage, brilliant cardinal flower. Growth about 1 s ft.
Should be planted in a warm situation. Retains inflated membranous capsules. Growth 10-15 ft.
Cut-leaved hop vine rapidgrowing tall twiner.
Canary-coloured blossom. Very beautiful, rapid grower--i 5 ft.
Very rapid grower. Bright green foliage, sprays of white flowers. Especially for July and August. Growth 15-20 ft.

Light rich garden loam; considerable leaf mould and a little sand mixed.
Light sandy loam rich in decayed stable manure.
Light clay loam rich in de?cayed stable manure; add one fourth leaf mould. Light rich sandy loam.
Rich loamy soil; considerable well-rotted manure.
Rich loamy soil; a little sand mixed in.
Rich garden loam; one half soil, one fourth de?cayed sod, one fourth decayed cow manure.

Dolichos 1 a b 1 a b Spikes of white or purple Rich sandy loam; one
(Hyacinth Bean) pea-shaped flowers. fourth decayed cow or
Growth 10 ft. horse manure. Cucurbita (Orna- Ornamental foliage and Light clay loam rich in
mental Gourds) singularly shaped fruits. rotted cow manure. Growth io ft.
Tropaeblum majus Luxurious climber. Flow- Rich garden loam; con?
(Nasturtium) ers throughout the sea- tinue to feed a little
son. Growth 6-io ft. throughout the season.